There's no limit to transforming an interior. Leather seats are just the beginning. Heated seats, lumbar support, and our new blood-pumping massage kits redefine comfort. Stop by electronics if you're looking for audio/visual ideas.

Leather is the best

If you've never sunk into a full leather interior, you might be surprised by what you're missing. Nothing matches the comfort, style, and durability of leather. Erickson enjoys a unique partnership with Katzkin, leaders in custom aftermarket  leather interiors. Enjoy world-class luxury knowing that it'll be professionally installed.

All the heat you want

Leather Vehicle Interiors

Take the bite out of chilly winter mornings. As you can imagine from this part of the country, Erickson doesn't sell too many leather interiors without a fully integrated heating system. Leather needs warmth to bend and flex, after all, and we have plenty of heated seat options to meet your needs. We can install heating systems to vinyl and cloth as well, but why not stop by Erickson and check out our showcase of heated leather seats first?

Our heated seats are fully controlled via convenient touch controls. They take only minutes to provide an even warmth. Greater comfort and soothing relief for lower back discomfort, heated seats are a sure-fire winner.

It gets even better. Add a remote start option and that car will be ready to go when you are. You might even start to look forward to chilly mornings.

Lumbar support

If you suffer from back pain or need help improving posture while driving, it's time to invest in a lumbar support system for your pilot's chair. This ingenious device installs in the back of a seat and gently but firmly applies pressure to the lower back. The end result is less pain and greater comfort while driving. Because it's Erickson, you know that the support can be easily adjusted to suit your preference.

Seat massagers

Leather Vehicle InteriorPoor blood circulation is the primary reason people become fatigued while driving. That's why Erickson promotes a revolutionary, vibratory massage system that targets vital points of the body in a way that actually stimulates blood flow. Custom settings are just a touch away with a convenient handset. Adjusting the unit to provide as little or as much vibration as desired is just that easy. 

If you spend any amount of time on the road, or if you're just mildly curious, you can afford to stop by our showroom to check this out for yourself.

This is gonna cost me a fortune...

Premium luxury always comes at a price. But what most people don't realize is just how affordable it can be. Since you're going to want a heating system alongside your leather seats, and possibly a massage unit or lumbar support, Erickson bundles the work together and passes the savings on to you.

Erickson wants to be your trusted aftermarket solution.

This is an investment. Trust the dedicated, experienced, and industry-certified professionals at Erickson for all of your custom interior needs.