Choose Erickson

It's easy to hesitate when it comes to your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle.

But with Erickson on the job, there's no reason for excuses. Here's why.


Erickson is a family-run business that has been in the automotive industry for over fifty years. There's no secret to our success. We attract and retain top aftermarket customization experts. There's a century of hands-on experience at our garage doing what they love at any one time. They're industry-certified and are always willing to help. Have a quick question about aftermarket options? Want a tour of our showroom? Call us at 262-554-1202.


With experience comes confidence. How confident? Most of our work is backed by a 3-year defect free guarantee. That's not something you see from many dealers to say nothing of most aftermarket shops.

Straight answers

You'll never get the run-around talking to one of our representatives. We won't promise the world until we know we can deliver it exactly as ordered. That's why we put such importance on the initial vehicle inspection. We need to know the job can be done right and that takes some hands-on experience with the vehicle. If it can't be done, we're not going to fake it. Erickson thrives on partnerships, not one-time sales.

Quick turn-around

We work around a schedule, depending on what works for you and whether parts need to be ordered. When you bring your automobile in at 8am you know it's getting worked on that day. And in most cases, it'll be ready for pickup by the end of the workday.  Sunroofs take two days. Your car won't sit in the garage until some technician finds the time to work on it. As soon as it arrives, it's go time.

We work around your needs

Erickson accommodates our customers. We'll make this process work.

Erickson offers retail finance sources, as well. Just let us know how we can help.


The Erickson showroom is open whenever we are. Get to experience some of our most popular customizations before you commit.

When it's time to get personal with your ride, it's time to contact Erickson Auto Trim.