Erickson is committted to the safety of your automobile. More important is the safety of you, the driver, your family and friends. Safety is never an accident, after all. In addition to installing standard security systems, we also handle the following.

Remote start and keyless entry

An easily accessible fingertip control for your keychain communicates with electronics within your vehicle to allow for starting and locking/unlocking your vehicle remotely. There are plenty of options. Some customers just want remote start, others want an LED display. Think you might want to start your car from a mile away? Erickson has you covered.

Cars like warm engines and people like warm interiors. If you don't have to keep the key in the ignition to prep your ride, why would you?

Rostra sensing system

This device senses obstacles you might otherwise miss while backing up. Expensive repair costs are just the beginning of what this handy gadget could save. The sensors pick up obstacles in an arc and around the corners of the vehicle, up to twelve feet away. A series of visual and audible alerts warns the driver of an impending collision with plenty of time to react. The sensors work in all weather conditions and won't be blocked by snow, mud, ice, or rain.

The Rostra sensing system is perfect for new drivers and anyone who operates sport-utility vehicles, mini-vans, or pickup trucks.

Night vision safety mirror

The night vision safety mirror is a replacement rear view mirror that comes loaded with potentially life-saving functionality. Primarily, the mirror cuts down on irritating and blinding glare from vehicles traveling behind you. It reacts to the amount of light present and darkens automatically to ensure you a comfortable and attentive night-time driving experience.


HomeLink is everything a wireless control system should be.

One integrated system replaces the hassle of multiple handheld transmitters while providing the convenience of automation and safety. Your garage door, front gate, and your home's security system can all be controlled from within the protection of your automobile. Your home will be ready and waiting for you each and every time.

Best of all, Erickson integrates the device seamlessly. The effective three-button control panel compliments the interior of any vehicle. The system takes only seconds to program (or re-program), is rolling-code compatible, and is powered by your vehicle's charging system.

Do without the risk and inconvenience. HomeLink just makes sense.