Just For Trucks

What works for a car doesn't always work for a truck or sport-utility vehicle. Give Erickson a call and we'll be happy to discuss some of the additional options available for trucks and SUVs. Below are some of our more popular customizations.


Trucks require a heavy-duty grille. Nothing else would be appropriate.

Tonneau covers

A tonneau cover adds utility to your truck. They provide protection for your bed and cargo while securing the cargo at the same time. Erickson installs only heavy-duty vinyl tonneau covers that can be easily removed and added by you.

Tube steps

Tube steps are also called nerf bars or step bars. They run along the bottom of your chassis to provide a helpful yet attractive step up into the cab. They're safe, stable, and look great, and are capable of supprting high amounts of weight. They make it easier for you or your passenger to board without straining.

Brush and bumper guards

Bumper guards are steel bars that protect the front of your truck from damage. In case of a collision, they help protect you, too. Particularly useful if you plan on off-road driving, but great just for giving your truck a rugged appearance.

Fender flares

Fender flares extend beyond the wheels to prevent mud from kicking up onto the side of your truck. Keep your truck looking it's best. Options are available for just about any truck and design.

Running boards

Running boards are similar to tube steps. They feature a flatter surface, but otherwise provide the same benefit: an easier step up into the truck.

Rear window sliders

There isn't any secret to what this is. We can install a sliding rear window to your truck, if you don't already have one.

Floor catch-alls

These are mats designed specifically for the cab of a truck. They're simple to pull off and place back in for cleaning purposes.

Back-up sensors and cameras

Sensors and cameras assist drivers by alerting them of unseen obstacles. These safety-enhancing devices are particularly suited to new drivers and those frequently backing out into crowded or cramped spaces.