Vehicle SunroofThe appeal of sunlight and fresh air is universal. That's why sunroofs continue to be our most popular enhancement. But they're also a fickle business. When it's time to add the elegance of a sunroof to a car, Erickson is the trusted aftermarket specialist of choice.

The reason is simple. We study your car. The contour has to be considered, as well as the height of the roof, the materials available, and more.

We then present your options. Pick one and we'll schedule to get started. Sunroofs typically take two days to install.

Sunroofs offer you freedom and open-air comfort. They're the ultimate vehicle enhancement. They're so important that Erickson introduced world-class spoiler sunroofs to the market. These specialty sunroofs are contoured to match the aerodynamic  roofs of modern cars and trucks. Like everything we do, these are designed, engineered, and tested to exceed original equipment manufacturers' specifications. We offer the finest products available in the automotive industry.

Top slider roofs

Top slider power sunroofs offer quality and innovation for any new and used vehicle. Because of its innovative design, the top slider provides an extremely large opening for even the smallest car, truck, or SUV. Top sliders open over the top of the vehicle's roof, adding sporty styling and open air feedom. See how the top slider with sport style makes the sky come alive. Visit the Webasto website for a virtual tour of this product.

Full in built

Vehicle SunroofFull in built sunroofs are a value addition to your vehicle. Innovative design and quality manufacturing come together to create a beautiful and useful sunroof. Each sunroof matches the look and finish of the vehicle's exterior and blends into the interior like it was installed at the factory. Visit the Webasto website for a virtual tour of this product.

Twin vent

Twin vent sunroofs are multi-panel and typically constructed out of glass. They work by tilting upwards rather than sliding. They're a great way to enhance natural air-flow while driving.

Multi-Panel Panoramic Series Sunroof

 A double view fromMulti-Panel Panoramic Series Sunroof inside your vehicle will providea fresh perspective on your driving experience. The Hollandia 500 Medium panoramic sunroof gives you two opening glass  panels with a distinctive exterior appearance and a clean interior finish.