Classic Car Top and Interior Restoration

Maybe it's up on cinderblocks in the back of the garage. Maybe it's tucked away in some barn beneath a tarp and hay. They're not forgotten, but you're not sure who to turn to, or is it even worth the investment? Is the work still feasible?

Restoring classic cars is something any automotive aficionado takes pride in. At Erickson, it is something we enjoy and excel at.

Erickson has the connections to find original equipment, and to restore it if we have to. If not, we'll find the next best alternatives. When you hire Erickson, you immediately have our network of dealers, collectors, manufacturers and automotive experts at your side.

Classic car restoration is different than aftermarket customization. A team with proven results becomes even more important. It's not just any vehicle. It's a piece of history, and likely one with a certain amount of irreplaceable sentimental affection. Handing it over for work is an investment of good faith that Erickson fully appreciates and understands.

Erickson is going to accommodate your needs, too. The car maybe can't make the trip to our garage on its own. We can come to you or we can recommend a towing service. After the initial appraisal, we'll let you know exactly where things stand. Give us the word and our experts take care of the rest.

In no time at all, you'll be on the road in a vehicle so unmistakably you, the hard part will be finding more reasons to go driving.

As if you needed one, anymore.

Marine interior restoration

They may not have wheels, but Erickson offers the same guarantee of quality when it comes to restoring boat interiors. From finding the perfect seats, coverings, and carpets all the way to installing them, Erickson will transform your next marine outing into one to remember.